This is a pathological fracture of the proximal end of the right femur (on a bone tumour) in an 85-year-old man, after preparation and post-operative assessment, the patient underwent surgical treatment, the account of which operating result is as follows:

C.R.O. : Under anesthesia spine, supine position on orthopedic table, traction on both limbs, antibiotic prophylaxis, under image intensifier control:

External lateral approach to the proximal end of the right femur, exploration shows the fracture site with significant bone lysis, resection of the tumor, hemostasis, reduction of the fracture, drilling of the cephalic canal, placement of a lag screw 90mm. then a DHS plate (Dynamic hip screw) with 6 holes, all of which are used, stable assembly, hemostasis, retrograde closure under suction Redon, skin repair, dressing.

The postoperative follow-up was simple, the patient benefited from rehabilitation at the clinic, with a resumption of walking using the ambulatory.