Mr H. Abdelmajid presents, following a public road accident in 2015, multiple trauma: craniofacial trauma, open trauma to the right foot, trauma to the right upper limb complicated by an open fracture of the middle third of the radius and ulna with intermediate fragment of the radius and loss of cutaneous substance on the dorsal aspect of the forearm, having benefited from initial surgical treatment by debridement of the wounds and osteosynthesis by intramedullary pinning of the ulna and external fixator of the radius.

The post-traumatic consequences were marked by the healing of the wounds and the recovery of the loss of cutaneous substance. Currently, he has a pseudarthrosis of the two bones of the right forearm. On 03/03/2016, he underwent surgery: Removal of the external fixator and pins followed by osteosynthesis of the radius and ulna with blocked plates. The postoperative follow-up was simple, allowing discharge on 03/05/2016, under outpatient treatment and follow-up.